My Superhero

When I was two years old, my father passed away. I have no concert memory of my father, but I love and miss him dearly. I want my daddy to be in my life so badly, and I know I can never have that. When I was young, I always imagined that my father would save me, would be my superhero. My daddy would have chased away all the monsters and held me when I cried. He would have told me sweet fairy tales and sung me to sleep at night. He would have loved me, no matter how much I screwed up. My daddy, my daddy would have been my superhero. No one could have harmed me if my daddy would have been there……

But you see, he wasn’t. Cancer claimed his life when I was just a small child, too young to remember her superhero. When he died, I was left at the mercy of others. Broken and fatherless, I carried on, barely. I hurt so much, not just because of my father’s death, but of many things; however, I believe that a lot of those things would not have happened had my father lived. As a kid, I would draw a smiley face in the dirt and pretend I was talking to him…..anything to escape reality. Pain, derived from his death and many other things, racked my childhood life. I lost a lot as a kid and really didn’t have anyone to help me deal with it. I retreated inside myself in a stone dark depression in my teens with no superhero to save me from the darkness…or so I thought.

On October 2nd of 2012, I met a real life superhero. I met my heavenly FATHER that day, who sent HIS SON to die for me. My FATHER now, chases all the monsters away, holds me when I cry, and tells me everything is going to be alright. I am no longer broken and fatherless; I am whole, and I have a FATHER who loves me unconditionally. Who wipes away my tears even though I sentenced HIM to die on the cross. That, my dear friends, is love. I no longer have to draw a face and pretend my father is listening because HE always hears my pleads; HE always hears my cries. My GOD is not dead!!! For HE lives inside my heart! I have been saved, not from my mother, but from the fiery pits of hell. My GOD is my superhero, my real live superhero!! 


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