GOD Continues to Teach Me

I spent today over at a lovely friend’s house. We talked, laughed, danced, and played with my friend’s toddler. I was also told on several occasions that our conversions should not be posted to Facebook. However, I will publish one here, because it had great significance to me. I will also refer to my friend from here on out as Jane. Jane was telling me about  possibly going to visit her sister because of a discount boot store and her sister’s horses. I believe she may have been hinting for me to go as well…but then she said something “Would it bother you to watch others ride?” I answered honestly, “No.” and again, followed my old habit of not offering explanation. “No” was the honest answer. It doesn’t bother me to watch others ride. In fact, I love it. I love watching others enjoy something that I used to find complete joy in. But there was another lesson here. One I had to think about to realize, and it really has very little to do with this conversion, but more to do with my hip that doesn’t allow me to ride like I used to.

After Jane dropped me off back at my dorm, I began to think again to myself. Why me? Why on earth was it me? As stated in previous posts, I have arthritis in my hip. There are times where I am pretty bitter about it. I just want it to stop; however, today, when I was tromping around in my own self sorrow. I trapped myself in my own thoughts of “why can I just not do for myself?” and “Why can I just not run?” Then, the answer became clear. GOD is continuing to teach me. If my hip didn’t hurt so often, I would not call on him to carry me out through the day. I would not thank HIM for the days that walking is easier. I wouldn’t praise HIM for being able to make it up the stairs. If it wasn’t for my hip, I never would have learned to rely completely on HIM as much as I do. GOD is showing me that HE is there for me in all aspects of life. HE is there for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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