Many of us take the value of friendship for granted. Maybe you are that individual who always has had plenty of friends, or maybe you are the person who sits and relishes in silence. I will admit; I am the latter. I love silence. I love being alone, but I also crave to be close to people. Close like close in friendship. I never really had a best friend in elementary school, nor middle school, sort of in high school; however, we stopped talking once I left for college. Now that I am in college, I am surrounded by friends. Surrounded by people that care about me. People that I care about. For the first time in my short life, I can trust people. I can trust my friends here. And that is a true blessing from GOD.

Friendship has always been difficult for me. I am a relativity difficult person. I am moody, stubborn, and very set in my ways. (another aspect of my Southern upbringing). People don’t understand me, and I am perfectly okay with this because quite frankly, I don’t understand them. However, I don’t believe that we have to understand one another to be friends. All we really have to do is be there for one another. Love one another. Listen to the one another’s problems. For Christians, we pray deeply for one another. Honestly, that is what I love most about the little college town of Berea. People here care for me. We all come from different walks of live. We all are flat broke; we can laugh and joke about it, all while leaning on one another. GOD designed us to be social creatures. GOD designed us so that we need other human beings to be healthy. While I relished in my non-friendships in grade school, I realize now exactly how much I missed out. I never went out, never partied, never really did anything but work on the farm where I lived. But Berea has offered such a close nit community that I can just holler and a friend will hear and come running. Here, GOD has provided a place for me to create the friendships I was too afraid to form when I was a child.

Most importantly, I am growing close to GOD. Each and everyday, I am growing in my love for HIM, in my relationship with HIM. As an old gospel song states, “You can search the whole world over, no greater friend you’ll find.” It is so true. GOD is my best friend. If all of my friends that I have here in Berea, no matter how wonderful having their company is, I know that I will pull through because GOD will be there. My best friend is ALWAYS at my side. HE is there loving me every step of the way.


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