Freshmen Year, It’s Over

As I am sitting here, I am thinking of what a glorious year I have had. I’ve made friends, grown into a completely different person, shown off my country ways, and did countless hours of homework. This has honestly been the best year of my life. Yes, it has had it’s downs, but the pleasantries have greatly outnumbered the tears I’ve cried.

I’m also thinking about how much I would love to stay in Berea this summer. Maybe visit home for a week or two, but then head back here, where I truly belong. However, GOD has called back to the last where I have grown up, to be a light in the darkness of my past. GOD wants me to heal old relationships. That is something I know that I will not be able to do without his help. It is hard for me to dig open wounds that happened so long ago, but it needs done. It needs done because one never knows when they will be taken from this earth. Heck, some odd act of nature could take me out right now. Who knows? Only GOD does.

I have never been at home where I am from. I never felt like I belonged there. I’m too different from my family. It doesn’t seem like it will be a good summer, but sitting here mulling over how much I hate where I come from is not going to do anything for me. It isn’t going to fix things. What is going to fix things is my own determination, and the strength that I derive from GOD. GOD is the solid rock I stand when all other ground is sinking sand…..that is so true. SO very very very true. When life has become such a state of “This is it,” GOD is right there, letting you stand on HIM when you can’t stand anywhere else.

GOD is so good, so pure. I know that no matter where I am, GOD will always be there for me. Always. HE has already blessed me, and I know that HE will continue to.