Child Abuse In it’s Entirety

I find that it is time that I jump on this bandwagon. Child abuse is a subject that has changed greatly over the years. Child abuse used to be something no one talked about. People turned a blind eye to child that were being beaten. Child abuse was not recognized as being wrong. Because it was not viewed as being wrong, those who had suffered such abuse were left attempting to deal with the silent pain of their past alone. I am thankful it is not entirely that way today. However, I do see many flaws with the system.

Children who are abused are told constantly that they are not good enough. In nearly everything they do, they can never do it to their abuser’s satisfaction. The child is left constantly wondering what is wrong with them. Why nothing they do is ever good enough. Now, there are many different types of abuse, but most end with the child feeling lowly and insufficient. The scars that are formed in those early years of child abuse are ones that do not go away easily. They are there. They are there forever. For the victims of child abuse, those scars shape the adults abused children grow into. Some become abusers themselves for the very simple reason that abuse was all the child knew. Some victims become strong adamant survivors with nothing more than a wish to protect other children. Others are so intent on not becoming like their abuser that they are left constantly reliving the abuse. But what child abuse victims are really missing is love. True blown love. They are shown love in all the wrong ways. Especially those who were sexually abused as a child. They learn that sex is how you show someone you love them. Those who were abused in other ways are taught that they must do exactly as they are told in order to show their abuser that they love them. Because they are taught love in this manner, they are often left to be abused by others when they are older. Simply because it is what they know.

Child abuse is a terrible crime. It is a crime that scars a child severely. Perpetrators should be punished greatly because of what they did to harm a child. However, the sad truth is that many times, the child does not disclose what is going on. To them, the abuse is normal. In their little minds, the abuse that they endure happens in every home. They are unaware that what is happening to them is wrong. I believe the school system, churches, social media, anything, should teach children that abuse is wrong. Flat out wrong. And even if the child knows what is going on at home is wrong, they must know that they can disclose what is happened to an adult. That help is there if they need. Children are fragile. They have no way of understanding what is happening to them. As stated before, they believe that abuse is love when it truly is not.

There is one particular issue about child abuse I do wish to address, and it is probably in most humans eyes as the worst form of abuse. That is sexual abuse. I know that it is a very sensitive subject for any who have experienced it, but I do believe it needs to be talked about. I remember as a little girl a group of people coming to my school and talking about where an adult is not allowed to touch you. However, they discussed this thought as though only a stranger isn’t allowed to touch you in your private areas. What they didn’t say is that parents, or close friends of parents, or family members are not allowed to touch you sexually either. However, what is so terribly sad is that usually it is those people who sexually abuse a child. It is those who are in close contact. It is rarely a stranger. Sometimes it’s a brother, a father, a step-parent, or even a mother or sister. Yes, females can sexually abuse as well. Children need to understand that family should not take advantage of the innocence of a small child. That no one should take advantage of them.

I will end this post with an address to those who have been abused in some form or fashion. The. Abuse. Is. Not. Your. Fault. You were a child who was unaware that was done to you was wrong. If you were sexually abused, you are not dirty. If you were physically abused, you should not have been punished so severely. If you were emotionally abused, you are not insufficient. You are strong. You are a survivor. I know you were not taught love like you should have been; however, there is a love that can heal the pain you endured. It is the love of JESUS CHRIST. I cannot stress how important it is that you see and understand that. JESUS died on the cross so that you can be loved. So that you can be healed. I know healing does not seem possible. However, I tell you that it is. Healing is beyond possible. And there is a blessing for the pain you have suffered. Because you have suffered greatly as a child, you will be able to see the beauty of peace that others may not experience. Once you experience the healing of GOD, you will have a testimony of HIM beyond any measure. To those who have been abused, I am praying for you. I am praying that you find JESUS and learn of a love that will never fail you. No matter what. no fear in love


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