Jesus Is Still Breaking Chains

Tonight, I was praying and I received a vision from the Holy Spirit. What I saw was of great help and importance to me. I only pray that it reaches someone else who needs to hear it.

In the vision, I saw a little girl so bound in chains that she could not move. She was lying on the ground amidst a storm. Lightning and rain surrounded her. She was crying so hard that she could not call out for help, but Jesus heard her anyway. Jesus came and with one touch, the chains fell away. Jesus picked up the little girl and held her. He asked if she wanted the storm to stop. Still unable to speak, she simply nodded. Jesus held up His hand and only spoke one word, “Cease.” The storm obeyed. The little girl was still crying so hard she couldn’t speak; however, the tears were no longer ones of sadness. They were of pure joy and gratitude.

In this vision, I saw a lot of myself in the little girl. I saw someone who was bound by chains that were placed there by other people. The little girl had no power to free herself. None of us do. We like to think we do with all of our self-help books and medication to keep away depression, etc. (disclaimer, I am not against self-help books if they are used with prayer and guidance from God. I am also not against medication for mental illnesses such as depression. I know that in some cases it is needed. In others, they just need Jesus.) We need Jesus. We need Jesus to carry on with this life. Unless Jesus has set you free, you are the little girl I saw. You are bound. What is so sad is that the enemy has so many people deceived into believing that they do not need someone to set them free. They do not realize that they are bound at all. It breaks my heart. It really does. We need Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray right now for whoever is reading this post. Daddy, I pray that you touch them and their chains fall. I ask that you reach out to the person reading this and let them know that they are loved beyond measure. Daddy, let them know that Jesus has already won the battle against the enemy. Christians fight from victory, not towards it. Daddy, I thank you for the fact that we do not have to go through life alone. As Billy Graham said “You’re born. You suffer. You die. Fortunately, there is a loophole.” Daddy, I thank you for sending Your Son to become that loophole. Daddy, if the person reading this does not know You, I pray that they come to know You, Lord, that they come to know the freedom that only You can give.

To You I give all the glory. I love You.