Jesus is Winning

The night gleams brighter
As the darkness closes in.
The pain grips me tighter
As the demons join in.
I scream for purity
That’s white as snow
But my answers are I’m dirty
Cause I can’t get back what they took
Tears glisten down my cheeks
For this battle I am losing
With the demons chiming in
Their hate-filled dreminders
In my head.
I scream for the Head of Angel Armies
The only hope for me
Pain still resides in my chest
But finally this battle the demons losing.
Because Jesus is winning.
The pain is slowly lessening
As I see the winner
Reaching out with loved-filled arms
To protect a lowly girl,
To love a lonely sinner,
To heal a broken heart.
To make HIS light shine for others to see.


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