Syria Refugees: The Real Issue

First, what do all think of when you hear the name “Christian”? If it is standing on street corners and demanding that you come to Christ right that minute or you are going to hell, then you’re wrong. If it is the acts of the Westboro Baptist Church, then you’re wrong. Those of us that are truly Christian will tell you that. We will tell you that we genuinely love people. We love serving the needy. We love bringing Christ to people that need Him. We love seeing lives change. That is who Christians are.

Now, let’s take a moment. What do you think of when you hear the term, “Islam” or “Muslim”? Do you think of terrorism? Do you think of them hating all Christians? Do you think of them as, “out to get you”? Did you ever stop to think that you are wrong? Because you are. Yes, those radical Muslim terrorist exist. Just as the people of the Westborro Baptist Church exist. Just as the nasty, angry street preachers exist. But that does NOT mean that all Muslims are terrorist. In fact, they are just as outraged by recent acts as we are. This is serious.

Syrian refugees are running for their lives. Men, women, and children walk across a continent for months just searching for a safe place to be, yet never truly feeling safe. Children are being traumatized beyond belief. Yes, what happened last Friday was truly terrible. It was awful, and it breaks my heart that someone used the refugee name to commit such heinous acts against humanity. This does not mean that we need to turn our back on the majority. This does not mean that we turn away people that are in need.

For those of you who are supporting the homeless veteran view. Please note that I am not saying we shouldn’t take care of our own. I am. We should care for the veterans. I’m just wondering where all of your ┬ávoices were before the refugee crisis. Imagine you were in their shoes and one of the greatest world superpowers refused your help. What would that feel like? What hope would you have left?

Get your facts. The true facts. Before you fly half-cocked calling Obama an idiot. I don’t agree with everything he does, but on this, he has my vote.