There are two different sides
Screaming different stories
No one even knows the truth.
Yet those in the middle are content
To pick a side just because it lines up with our views.
And we still don’t know the truth.
There are people shouting hate at a race
For the acts a few
What makes you think that they are worse than you?
Sure they blew up countless cities,
But how many lives have you ruined with your rotten tongue?
What’s the difference in the eyes of God?
The truth is that they are people
Just like you and me.
They have families. They have lives.
The darkness has just touches their insides.
Who are we to ignore them?
Who are we to send hate when we are called to love them?
I know it’s hard.
Trust me I really do.
But think about it now
Where would you be if someone hadn’t prayed for you?