devil’s Lies

I lay down each night

Trying to find the bliss of the day.

But that when the devil starts whispering

His deceitful lies.

No other voice to drown out his words

He whispers,

“You’re worthless

Can’t you see you are not loved?

Can’t you see how much you’re hated?

Your friends only pity

That sorry sob story you cry.

Your GOD isn’t there

And HE never was.

You think you’re so special.

Something unique created by HIM.”

I scream, “Please,

Just leave me be.”

And the devil replies

“You think I leave that easy.

You’re nothing.

You think you’re protected by you GOD

But you answer me

Where was HE when you were small

Too young to know anything at all

Your mother beat you.

She watched as that monster crawled into your bed

And made you such a broken little girl.

Answer me

Where was your almighty

When you were a teenager

And overpowered by a man that was twice your size.

Answer me, Nothing.”

The words sink deeper.

The lies begin their work.

Tears begin flowing.

My voice to weak.

To fight this battle.

I’d lost too much.

My heart too brittle.

My pain too great.

Slightly I prayed

That GOD get me through this pain.

A voice rose.

A voice that was not my own.

“This is my daughter.

You have no place in her satan.

I command thee,


The lies ceased their hold.

The pain ceased in my heart.

I am something.

I am a daughter of the King.


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