I’m Doing Just Fine

Laying in a hospital bed

A woman frail and old

Her hair no longer there

Her skin pale and ice cold.

Her body constantly

Racked with pain.

Daughters and sons

Family and friends

Visit with tears

Falling down their cheeks

For they know

The woman lying there

Will soon be gone.

Each day they visit

Each day they ask

“How are you doing today?”

Each day she answers

“Can’t you see?

I’m doing just fine.

While my body hurts

My soul rejoices.

Today is another day

I have with my friends and family.

And today is one day closer

To the time I get to go home.


I say

Is a day of rejoicing.”

This continued

Til one day

Family came to visit

And all they found

Was an empty shell

Of the woman that once thrived there.

A note laid beside her head

“Don’t cry over me.

My body no longer hurts

JESUS came to me and said

‘My child

It’s time to come home.

I’m doing

Just fine.”

Was all it read.


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