The Vanity Post

I’m not a slave to the mirror.

At least, that’s what I want to believe. A few weeks ago, I would have valiantly argued that point. I would have argued that I wear whatever I want whenever I want, stating that my beauty is ingrained in Christ, not in the clothes on my back or the make-up on my face. Then, I would have stated how everyone needs to have this view. That we need to stop caring so much about our appearances and learn to focus on the Lord. I would have argued till I was blue in the face that I was not vane. However, my world was shattered in a place I never would have thought. I was standing, alone, in front of a mirror.

Okay, maybe saying my world was shattered is a little strong, but something seriously changed in my mindset. Here is the story. Earlier that day, I had lunch with some lovely women in my life. The lunch was spent talking about God and how He had blessed each of us in that year. Then, as most conversations go in the beginning of a new year, we starting talking about our New Year’s Resolutions. One lady stated, “I am tired of being so fat. I’m losing weight this year.” My jaw dropped. This lady could, as my Appalachian mother would say, hide in the shadow of a clothesline while I, on the other hand, am over 200 pounds. Of course, we reassured her and stated she was beautiful and all the blah blah blah. I found myself thinking, “Wow, I’m glad I’m not like that. I’m glad that I don’t have to be constantly validated in my appearance. I’m glad that my mother raised not to care what others thought of my appearance.” The lunch ended, but my thoughts did not.

Throughout the rest of that day, I found myself pondering the horror it must be to be a slave to the mirror. The constant checking ones clothes, hair, or make-up. How awful it must be to be worried about that. Later that night, I was getting ready to go out again. I looked in the mirror and realized the truth about my mentality. I am, too, a slave to the mirror. I was concerned with hiding the fat on my body. I was concerned with hiding the acne on my face. I was concerned with all the aspects of my body that I had scoffed at my friend for being concerned with that very day.

I am a slave to the mirror.

While that statement is true, I also believe that there is freedom for those that ask. There is no reason to be a slave to anything when you know and love Christ. We are creatures made in God’s image. How magnificent is that? How beautiful is that we were made in the image of the righteous God? My favorite verse, Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that God has made everything beautiful in His own timing. What that means is that God made you, He made you beautiful. You may have to endure some ugly stuff in your life, but you are beautiful.

Now, instead of pondering the mindset of being a slave to the mirror, I am pondering the question, “What if we viewed ourselves as God views us?” I truly wonder what would happen. I wonder how much would change if we started seeing ourselves through God’s eyes. In His eyes, we are beautiful. We are beautiful because He created you. He created you as beautiful as the nature around you. We are beautiful. That’s all that needs said.